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Take your tangles with you.


No. This app is intended as a reference library, like a book or the excellent Tangle Cards that Sandy makes. You will still need a pen, pencil, and paper to draw your tangles on.
The app requires Apple's latest operating system (iOS 7), and will run on any device that has it. This article explains which devices run iOS 7.
Not yet. We'd really like to be able to bring Tangle Library to Android, and are exploring ways to make this happen. Right now we're a small team (just Ian and Sandy), and we don't have the expertise to do it right.
The photo feature allows you to take pictures of your finished Zentangles that you've drawn on paper and keep them in the app. You can use the photos for inspiration the next time you use a particular tangle, or as a sort of gallery to show your friends. Of course, you're free to use this in other ways too. You can take pictures of patterns that inspire you, or works that other people have done.
Your photos are automatically saved to the camera roll on your device. You don't need to use the Tangle Library to view them, and you can transfer and share them using Apple's default Photos app.
Your photos are only saved in an album named "Saved From Tangle Library" on your phone. If you delete the picture using Apple's Photos app it will disappear from Tangle Library as well.
Tangles are structured patterns created by a series of concrete and repeatable steps. You can combine multiple tangles to create a Zentangle.

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. "Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. You can learn more at zentangle.com.
Note: Tangle Library is not affiliated with Zentangle, Inc.
All you need to get started is a #2 pencil, a fine-point drawing pen, and some quality drawing paper. If you're going to follow the official Zentangle method, you'll want to use 3.5" Zentangle Tiles. Sandy sells a fantastic Zentangle Accessory Kit with everything you need to get going. You can also assemble an ad-hoc kit on the cheap from the internet or an art supply store if you're getting started and only need some of the supplies.
Tangle Library does not collect or transmit any information. Once you download the app it never sends any data back to me. That means I don't have any access to your photos, your app usage records, or anything else you do while using the app. That also means I can't share anything with anyone, since I just don't have it.
The current app is limited to the 40 tangles it shipped with. We're working on making more of Sandy's tangles available via in-app purchase, and hope to have them available by the end of February.

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